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Whistleblower accuses Biden’s US Archivist nominee of ‘abusive,’ ‘partisan’ conduct

FIRST ON FOX: Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., sent a letter to Senate Homeland Security Chairman Gary Peters, D-Mich., detailing whistleblower allegations against President Biden’s nominee for Archivist of the United States, Dr. Colleen Shogan.

Fox News Digital obtained a copy of the letter that was shared with all members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee regarding the whistleblower allegations about Shogan.

“The whistleblower alleges that Dr. Shogan engaged in a pattern of abusive, retaliatory, and partisan conduct during her time at the Congressional Research Service (CRS), where she directly supervised the whistleblower,” Hawley wrote.


“These allegations merit further investigation before this Committee proceeds with Dr. Shogan’s nomination. I am referring them to the Committee for that purpose,” the senator continued.

Hawley wrote that, during Shogan’s first committee testimony in September 2022, “several Senators—including myself—expressed concerns about her partisan publications and tweets.”

“Worried that Dr. Shogan’s partisan publications may demonstrate a proclivity for inappropriate partisan conduct in the workplace, I submitted a question for the record requesting she produce all of her previously public tweets,” Hawley wrote.

“Dr. Shogan refused to comply with that request and blatantly mischaracterized the partisan content of her past public social media posts. On February 28, 2023, this Committee again heard testimony from Dr. Shogan. During that testimony, Dr. Shogan repeated her previous misstatements, under oath, and when confronted with these falsehoods, declined to answer questions. Her conduct was remarkable—I have never seen a witness outright defy Senate questioning.”

After the hearing, Hawley wrote that the whistleblower got in touch with his office. The whistleblower “reported to Dr. Shogun during her time at CRS and alleges that Dr. Shogun engaged in partisan conduct and abusive behavior.”

“In particular, Dr. Shogan allegedly made unsolicited statements of support for Democratic candidates in the workplace,” Hawley wrote. “She also allegedly attempted to organize signing events for her own book on federal property during work hours, for commercial gain, in violation of existing policies.”

“The whistleblower further alleges that Dr. Shogan failed to remain non-partisan and objective,” the Missouri Republican continued. “Rather, she engaged in abuse, retaliation, and persecution. She allegedly suppressed reports requested by Congress, undermined the whistleblower’s promotion applications, and attempted to demoralize the whistleblower in an apparent effort to run her out of CRS.”

Hawley also said that as “part of this effort, Dr. Shogan allegedly colluded with others in the office to force the whistleblower, a woman with a disability, to take a detail assignment that worsened her mobility and health.”

The Missouri Republican said the whistleblower “is willing to go on the record with her allegations” and that he would share her contact information with Peters’ staff, with her permission, “so the committee can conduct a full investigation.”

“I believe it is inappropriate to proceed further with the nomination of Dr. Shogan until we have a full and complete understanding of these allegations,” Hawley wrote.

Peters’ office and the White House did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment.



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